Friday, September 27, 2013

Finding North Without a Compass

     Directions.  They are important.  They are how we find our way around.  Whether it we're using maps, a list of landmarks our friend gave us, or GPS, directions tell us where to go.  When it comes to survival, directions become even more important.  Directions help us navigate paths, roads, and the wilderness, and can be the difference between finding our way home, or spending the night, or longer, lost in the wilderness.
     Many people take directions for granted, and don't even know how to read a compass.  For those that can, often times they feel safe enough in their skill, that they never think to learn beyond that.  At least until its too late, and they find themselves somewhere in the middle of the wilderness, and they realize that they left the compass back at the campsite.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY: Paracord Waterbottle Wrap + Finished Paracord Belt!


     As you all know, a while back I bought some paracord.  A thousand feet of paracord to be precise, and the result has been a number of DIY projects using it.  My first paracord project was a to make Slatt's Rescue Belt, which has proved to be rather successful.  With the belt finished I have moved on to a second paracord project and this is making a water bottle wrap.