Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There is an extreme fire danger rating in Minnesota, Africanized bees in Tennessee, and fighting continues in Syria.

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April 4

-20:27:29 USC, Magnitude 5.5 - New Britain Region, Papua New Guinea


April 5

No reported earthquakes over magnitude 5.0.


April 6

-19:24:13 USC, Magnitude 5.5 - Kepulauan Mentawai Region, Indonesia

-16:15:56 USC, Magnitude 6.2 - New Ireland Region, Papua New Guinea


April 7

-20:37:52 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

-20:09:40 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Banda Sea

-11:58:08 USC, Magnitude 5.8 - New Britain Region, Papua New Guinea


April 8

-21:43:32 USC, Magnitude 5.4 - Taiwan Region


April 9

No reported earthquakes over magnitude 5.0.


April 10

-05:09:09 USC, Magnitude 5.8 - North of Acension Island

No Tsunami activity.

Volcanic Activity
4-9-2012, 5:51 PM - Anak Krakatoa Volcano - Sunda Strait, Indonesia - Volcanic Eruption

Tropical Storms
No tropical storms at this time.

Status of Worldwide Supervolcanoes
Lake Taupo - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Lake Toba - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Whakamaru - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Yellowstone Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Island park Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

La Girta Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Mount Tambora - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Baekdu Mountain - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Kikai Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Laacher See - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Aira Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Campi Flegrei - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Reporoa Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Mount Aso - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Long Valley Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Valles Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Santorini Volcano - VEI 7 - Status: Green

4-8-2012 - Complex Emergency - Maldives - 55 islands have reported severe water shortages due to recent drought.

4-20-2012 - Flash Flood - Province of Cagayan, Philippines - 6000 evacuated due to flash flooding from heavy rains.

4-10-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Province of Hebei, China - 2000 evacuated as a forest fire rages on a mountain northeast of Beijing.

4-09-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - South of Nimrod, Minnesota, USA - Large response needed for fire in Minnesota. Much of state under an extreme fire danger rating.

4-9-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Harford County, Maryland, USA - Massive wildfire threatens nearby homes.

4-7-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Colorado, USA - One hundred acre wildfire promts evacuation of 58 homes.

Update: Epidemic Hazard - Northern Uganada, Uganda - Death toll from cholera has risen to 30 while many more fight for their lives.

Update: Epidemic Hazard - Fahan, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Investigation continues into the deaths of six elderly patients

Update: Biological Hazard - Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex, California, USA - Dead birds continue to be found from avian cholera outbreak.

4-10-2012 - Biological Hazard - Hong Kong, China - Carcacss of magpie robin confirmed H5N1 positive.

4-9-2012 - Biological Hazard - Monroe County, Tennessee, USA - First case of partially Africanized bees confirmed.

4-9-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - State of Madhya Pradesh, India - Chandoriya village has come down with chickpox as villagers follow faith beleifs rather than medical proffessional advice and instructions.

4-8-2012 - Epidemic - States of Jammu and Kashmir, India - Scores of people infected by outbreaks of skin and respiratory diseases.

4-8-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - West Bengal, Malda - 9 infants dead with more cases being reported at West Bengal's Malda Medical College. Hospital authority refuses to divulge details of the deaths.

4-7-2012 - Biological Hazard - Alaska, USA - Alaska polar bears have joined list of far-north species afflicted with a mystery illness.

4-6-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Trivandrum, Kerala, India - Death of five year old suspected to be scrub typhus.

4-5-2012 - Biological Hazard - Marco Island, Florida - Water quality tests detect red tide.

4-5-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Mysore, Karnataka, India - 34 cases of cholera reported.

4-4-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Kabwe, Central Province, Zambia - More than 16 cases of typhoid have been reported in Kabwe in the last three days.

4-4-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Multiple areas, Philippines - Bulletin issued by the Department of Health declares seven bodies of water around the country are currently prouducing shellfish that are not safe for consumption.

4-10-2012 - Hazmat Event - Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Six quarantined, twelve evacuated as women commits suicide using toxic chemicals.

4-7-2012 - Hazmat Event - Province of Pathum Thani, Thailand - 22 workers affected after a chemical leake during a transfer to storage tank.

4-7-2012 - Hazmat Event - Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, USA - Federal officials are trying to figure out the source of radioactive particles at the Idaho National Laboratory nuclear reactor complex.

4-5-2012 - Hazmat Event - Shanghai, China - There has been a minor toxic chemical leak from a Danish container ship at Yangshan Deep-water Port.

Nuclear Events
4-5-2012 - Nuclear Event - Penly Nuclear Power Plant, Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France - Fire crews rush to nuclear ractor after escape of smoke, but energy company says the site is secure.

4-5-2012 - Nuclear Event - Catawba Nuclear Power Plant, York, South Carolina, USA - Catawba nuclear power plant being monitored after offsite power was lost.

No other events reported this week.

April 4

-Sudan People's Liberation Army says it shot down a Sudanese MiG-29 jet fighter in South Sudan's Unity state.

-Suicide bomber kills at least 12 people and injures more in Afghanistan's Faryab province.

-A suicide bomber detonates an explosion in Somalia's national theatre in Mogadishu while a ceramony is taking place. At least ten dead.


April 5

-A rocket fired from Egypt's Sinai desert hits the Isreali city of Eilat but cause no injuries or damage.

-Mali's Azawad National Liberation Movement declares an end to military activities, claiming that they have captured enough territory to form their own state.

-Syrian Army troops launch a fierce attack on the Damascus suburb of Douma.

-Rival militias cease fighting in the town of Zuwara in western Libya after the National Transitional Council clams a ceasefire.

April 6
No news to report on this day.


April 7

-Yemeni airport capital closed after forces loyal to General Mohammed Saleh al-Ahmar threaten to attack aircraft.

-Burmese President Thein Sein meets representative from the Karen National Union, in an attempt to end one of the world's longest running civil conflicts.


April 8

-At least 40 people reported killed across Syria ahead of the Tuesday deadline for Syrian armed forces to withdraw from cities.

-Afghanistan and United States reach an agreement giving the Government of Afghanistan more control over night raids.

-Car bomb explodes in the Nigerian city of Kaduna killing dozens of people.


April 9

-Turkey claims that the Syrian Army has opened fire on a refugee camp on Turkish soil.

-Cameraman from Al Jadeed TV station shot dead by the Syrian army at the Syria-Lebanon border.

-Authorities in Bahrain refuse to transfer jailed Shia political activist to Denmark.

-Police fire tear gas at demonstrators who defy a government ban on protesting in Tunis.

-At least 21 dead in clashes between al Qaeda militants and Yemeni Army soldiers in southern Yemen.

-At least 11 killed and over 30 others seriously injured by bombing in Baidoa, Somalia.


April 10

-United nations backed deadline for withdrawl of troops and weapons in Syria comes into effect.

-Despite deadline, violence continues with the shelling of Homs and Hama.

-Four arrested in a Shiite village in Bahrain after seven policemen are injured in an apparent terrorist attack.

-Bahrain denies that jailed hunger striker's health is critical.

-Suicide bomber attacks a government office building in Afghanistan's Herat Province.

-Investigation finds no evidence against the chief minister of Gujarat, India, over anti-Muslim riots in the state in 2002.

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