Monday, October 8, 2012

Some Links from the Internet

      So if there is one thing that the internet promotes it is spending tons of time just wandering around different websites and search engines and so on and so forth. In fact that is likely how many people have ended up here at the Paracord Project in the first place. However this same wandering can be a real pain when you're actually trying to find some information on something specific. So as a result I thought I would post up some of my favorite survivalist and prepper websites from around the web that some of you might find really interesting as well. Check them out!

1. Survival Blog (

A great source of information. I don't think I've gottent hrough even a forth of the pages on this site. However it is a great resource and covers tons of information, and it is definatly worth your time to check out.
2. Off Grid Survival (

This is perhaps one of my favorite sites out there. Tons of information and articles. Also has a great news section to keep you up to date on some of those news stories that otherwise may get buried in the back pages of the internet.
3. Wild Woods Survival (

This is a great website that covers tons of information on everything you could need know for wilderness survival. Whether you need to know how to build a shelter or a fire, make traps and snares for hunting, or learn how to navigate through your surroundings, this website has it all. It is a great resource for learning to survive in the wilderness.
4. SHTF Blog (

Updating every few days this is a great blog to follow on different topics on survivalism. With three different writers, this blog is able to cover a number of different topics and issues related to survivalism and prepping.
5. Modern Survival Blog (

      With updates nearly everyday, on many different topics this is another great blog to add to your daily reading list.

1. The Survival Podcast (

      It is exactly what it sounds like. Jack Spirko has been doing a wonderful podcast for years now, and it covers all sorts of survival topics. Generally he puts up a podcast now everyday. I am ashamed to say that I am a little behind on his podcasts but I do quite enjoy his show, and I always seem to learn something. So if you have an hour or two a day where you're doing something like laundry, or gardening and you can put on a podcast in the background, give his show a try.
2. The Self Sufficent Homestead (

      This is another podcast that I enjoy, and this podcast has less of a focus on survival and more on homesteading. For anyone who might think that that isn't important to survival, think again. After all how do you think your going to live in a long term suvival situation?
3. Prepper Podcast Radio Network *

     Again, the titile is pretty self explanitory. This websites hosts a number of different podcasts throughout the week that cover a range of different topics. So if you're looking to test out a few different shows to see if you can find one you like, this is a good option.
4. Doom and Bloom(
      Another podcast with focus on prepping and disaster, however with a little bit of a twist as well. At Doom and Bloom they go quite a bit into the medical aspects of prepping and surviving which is a nice thing to here about because while we all like to talk about bug out bags, survival caches, buying our own land and other topics, medicine is one of those topics that seems to be looked over quite a bit. This podcast really takes a look at those kinds of things. They also have a shop, articles, and videos on their site as well.

1. Survivalist Boards(

     Tons of members and tons of topics. If your looking for a way to connect with other preppers and survivalist, this is the place to go.

     Do you have a favorite website, blog, or podcast that you want to share with the survival and prepper community? Post up a link for us in the comments!


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