Monday, November 19, 2012

More Five Dollar Preps Just In Time for Black Friday

     What prepper can say that they don't like cheap and easy preps. They're what we live for. We look for the saving and deals so we can get the things we need for today, tommorow, and for when shtf. When so many preps can be expensive, it's nice to have those preps that are easy to buy and are also easy on the wallet.

1. Assorted Hooks and Sinkers

     If you give a man a fish you'll feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime. When shtf, this is one skill I want to have and be able to use. While not useful in all scenarioes, it certainly is if you end up in wilderness territory. Having the ability to fish gives you a great resource to turn to. Therefore it makes sense that you will want to having fishing gear in your bug out bag. You can get hooks and sinkers seperatly or together, and for pretty cheap too. Just check out online stores, amazon, or your local outdoors sporting goods stores. They're cheap and they will definatly come in handy.

2. Collapsable Water Carrier

     You can never have too much water. The one problem with water is that it is heavy. If you're moving on foot or trying to get anywhere fast, having a lot of water is just going to weigh you down. However if you can boil or filter your water, then you don't need to carry tons of it with you. In this case it is a good idea to have a collapsable water carrier. When you want it light and easy to carry you just empty it. However when you're trying to collect water, these will hold quite a bit. They come in many different sizes. I have personally used one of the five gallon ones and it was excellent. Dropped it, banged it around, and it held up just fine. Smaller ones are around five, but if you want to spend an extra three to five dollars you can also get a larger one. I would definatly recommend these.

3. Matches

     Obviously you need matches. It doesn't even seem worth mentioning, because who wouldn't have matches in their bug out bag and with their survival gear? Well of course we all have them, but can it really hurt to have more? They're cheap, easy to get, and you'll never be upset that you have too many. Too few however, that could be a different story. Might as well stock up, and find different places to put them. You can add them to you bug out vehicle, everyday carry, and put them all over your house for lighting candles in a blackout. Take a few out and just add a striker patch off the side of a box if you want to put them in something more compact. They're always useful, and they're cheap to get. What's not to love?

4. Windup Flashlight

     These are great because of one simple factor. No batteries. They are powered by mechanical energy, so you don't need to replace or recharge batteries. Just wind the handle. The one problem with them is if you let them go dead, it takes quite a bit of winding to get the charge back up. If you're looking for more stealthy equipment, this might no be the best choice. However it is always good to have an extra light if you can get it. They arn't even expensive anymore. So in the event that you find yourself without batteries, you at least won't find yourself without light.

5. Lightweight Towel

     Is it totally necessary for a bug out bag or survival supplies. No, probebly not. However being able to dry off can help make any survival situation that much more bearable. There are many different types of light weight towels you can look into, and they can range from cheaper to more expensive. You can find them in camping stores or online, or you can just make your own by cutting a regular towel down or using a hand towel. The only difference between home made and prefab is that the ones you get in stores generally are more absorbant and dry quicker. Whether you buy them or make them though, you can do it for cheap, and it gives you one more thing to help aid in survival.

     Now just cause a prep wouldn't normally be on this list, doesn't mean you can't find it for cheap. We're getting into the holiday season and Black Friday is only a few days away. So, if you're really one to look for a good deal, now would be the time to start. Also if you come across something that is too good to pass up, share it here for other preppers to find too!


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