Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekly World Risk Report 5/16 - 5/22

      Explosions and chemical accidents were the main stories this week. However the earthquake numbers are rising again, and a strong earthquake in Italy earlier this week led to some deaths.

      There were a number of terrorist attacks this week, and meanwhile nuclear weapons talks continue in Iran.

      On a postive note however there has been a successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket by the private company SpaceX to the International Space Station.

      This is your weekly report preppers. Look for the information you need to stay safe and survive and keep on prepping.


May 16

-01:28:21 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - South of Tonga

-00:59:34 USC, Magnitude 6.0 - New Britain Region, Papua New Guinea


May 17

-21:40:42 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Southern Iran

-19:49:33 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Santa Cruz Islands


May 18
-21:23:26 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-02:00:41 USC, Magnitude 6.2 - Off the East Coast of Aisen, Chile


May 19

-22:23:23 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

-20:06:02 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - North of Halmahera, Indonesia

-19:05:19 USC, Magnitude 5.9 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-08:35:10 USC, Magnitude 5.9 - Offshore Antofagasta, Chile


May 20

-22:21:04 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-22:15:45 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Near North Coast of new Guinea, P.N.G.

-21:15:45 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Vanuatu

-13:18:02 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Northern Italy

-08:41:45 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-08:40:40 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-08:20:58 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-07:20:38 USC, Magnitude 6.4 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-07:19:55 USC, Magnitude 5.9 - Off the East Coast of Honshu Japan

-06:54:44 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - East of the Kuril Islands

-03:02:50 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Northern Italy

-02:03:52 USC, Magnitude 6.0 - Northern Italy

-01:55:46 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Mariana Islands Region


May 21

-10:17:12 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-03:18:45 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Ryukyu Islands, Japan


May 22

-02:38:52 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Molucca Sea

-00:00:33 USC, Magnitude 5.6 - Bulgaria


-5-18-2012 - 2:09A.M. - Pacific Ocean Region - Magnitude 6.7 - Depth 10km

-5-18-2012 - 2:10A.M. - Hawaii Region - Magnitude 6.7 - Depth 0km

Volcanic Activity

No Volcanic Activity at this time.

Tropical Storms

-Alberto - Formed 5-20-2012 - Atlantic Ocean - Tropical Depression - Course 50 Degrees - Winds 56 km/h - Gust 74 km/h - Wave 3.66m


-Bud - Formed 5-21-2012 - Pacfic Ocean, East - Tropical Storm - Course 300 Degrees- Winds 65 km/h - Gust 83 km/h - Wave 3.66m


-Sanvu - Formed 5-21-2012 - Pacific Ocean - Tropical Storm - Course 315 Degrees - Winds 83 km/h - Gust 102 km/h - Wave 3.66m



Status of Worldwide Supervolcanoes

Lake Taupo - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Lake Toba - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Whakamaru - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Yellowstone Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Island park Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

La Girta Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Mount Tambora - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Baekdu Mountain - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Kikai Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Laacher See - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Aira Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Campi Flegrei - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Reporoa Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Mount Aso - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Long Valley Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Valles Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Santorini Volcano - VEI 7 - Status: Green




-5-20-2012 - Heat Wave - India - Four dead as maximum temperatures in places cross 46 degrees celsius(107o F).



-5-20-2012 - Flood - Sar-e-Pul, Afghanistan - Nineteen dead as flood waters ravage a provincial capital in northern Afghanistan.



-5-17-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada - Fire crews fighting a fire that threatens subdivisions and rural homes.


-5-21-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada - More than three hundred evacuated and a state of emergency declared due to a forest fire near Kirkland Lake.



-5-16-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Tokat, Turkey - Five dead in Black Sea region of Turkey of a disease that can be tramitted by tick bites.


-5-21-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Seven NATO officials are being treated after being stricken with flu-like symptoms.



-5-19-2012 - Chemical Accident - Los Angeles, California, USA - Large cargo ship evacuated in Los Angeles harbor as firefighters work to find gas leak.


-5-21-2012 - Chemical Accident - Dalton, Georgia, USA - Forty seven injured after a chemical explsion in a manufacturing district.


-5-21-2012 - Chemical Accident - Port Allen, Louisiana, USA - One injured, families evacuated, and US 190 shut down due to a chemical fire.


-5-22-2012 - Chemical Accident - North Bay, Ontario, Canada - Tanker truck overturns and spills a highly toxic chemical into the city's drinking water.


Nuclear Events



-5-16-2012 - Explosion - El Dorado, Arkansas, USA - Explosion at nitric acid plant.


-5-19-2012 - Explosion - Brindisi, Italy - One dead after an explosion at a school.


-5-20-2012 - Explosion - Yanling and Rucheng, Hunan, China - Nineteen dead after a bast in a tunnel.


-5-21-2012 - Terror Attack - Sanaa, Yemen - Forty seven dead and at least thirty six more injured as a suicide bomber dressed in military uniform detonated his bomb at the central secuirty headquarters in Yemen.


-5-21-2012 - Explosion - Gateshead, United Kingdom - Six injured after a gas explosion at a flat.


-5-22-2012 - Explosions - El Dorado, Arkansas, USA - Three dead after a battery explodes burning all three beyond recognition.



May 16th

-Cambodian police and soldiers clash with villagers and a teenage girl has reportedly been killed.

-Police in the Australian state of Queensland remove an Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Musgrave Park.

-Greece is to hold a second round of elections on June 17, after final talks by the major political parties to form a coalition were unsuccessful.

Jean-Marc Ayrault is sworn in as the Prime Minister of France.


May 17th

-The Democractic Republic of Congo (DRC)'s military has been shelling positions it believes are held by rebels who have been fighting the army for weeks in the country's east.

-Clashes between military troops and inamates at a prision in Caracas, Venezuela continue.

-Unidentified North Koreans seize three Chinese boats with 29 crew and demand payment for their release.

-United States ambassador to Isreal says that the United States "is ready" to attack Iran to prevent the development of nuclear weapons within Iran.

-A group of Chinese Communist Party veterans call for the removal of security cheif Zhou Yongkang.

-The U.S. Senate confirms two of the President's nominees to the Federal Reserve.


May 18th

-In Mexico masked gunmen kidnap and kill Marcos Antonio Avila Garcia, a journalist who often wrote about organized crime.

-Three roadside bombs explode at an outdoor pet market in Baghdad, killing five.

-The Dow Jones Industiral Average, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 close at their lowest levels of 2012.

-The Group of Eight meets in the United States at Camp David with teh Greek debt crisis and associated Eurozone problems on the agenda.


May 19th

-A car bomb explodes near a military complex in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, killing nine people.

-A bomb explodes in front of a vocational school in the Brindisi, Italy, killing a 16 year old female student.

-A suicide bombing at a police checkpoint in the easter Afghan provice of Khost kills ten.

-Sri Lanka marks teh third anniversary of the end of its twenty six year civil war.

-Three protesters are arrested in a police raid ahead of this weekend's 60-nation NATO summit in the U.S. city of Chicago.


May 20th

-A roadside bomb expoldes near a UN convoy in the Syrian capital of Damascus in the district of Douma.

-Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells his cabinet that immigrants from Africa threaten Isreal's identity and its existance.

-International Atomic Energy Agency director general Yukiya Amano heads for Tehran to convince the Iranian government to co-operate with the agency.

-Voters in the Dominican Republic go to the polls.

-Tomislav Nikolic is elected President of Serbia with 49.4% of the vote.,,15964506_page_0,00.html


May 21st

-A suicide bombre attacks soldiers in the Yemeni capital Sana'a, killing at least 120 people and injuring more than 250 others.

-FARC rebels kill 12 Colombian soldiers and wound four more in an ambush near the Colombian border with Venezuela.

-Two people killed in ongoing clashes in the Lebanese capital Beirut between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

-IAEA director general Yukiya Amano begins talks in Tehran.

-President Barack Obama speaks at a NATO summit concerning the future of war-ravaged Afghanistan.


May 22nd

-British naval officer Commander Sarah West becomes the commander of the Royal Navy figate HMS Portland, becoming the first female Royal officer to take command of a major warship.

-The Burmese government appeals for "understanding" after rare protests over power shortages.

-American company SpaceX successfully launches a Falcon 9 rocket with a COTS Demo Flight 2, sending its unmanned Dragon spacecraft on a test mission to the International Space Station.

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