Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly World Risk Update 5/9 - 5/15

      This weekly world report is all about the health concerns and epidemics that are being declared. A mysterious skin disease in Vietnam has claimed more lives while epidemics have been declared in Madagascar, the Phillipenes, Nepal, and Ghana, with an epidemic hazard being declared in Ireland.

      Meanwhile the drug war continues to heat up in Mexico as cartels battle over territory, and the Eurozone Crisis heats up once again with talk of Greece exiting the eurozone.

      This is your weekly report preppers. Look for the information you need to stay safe and survive and keep on prepping.


May 9

-14:49:49 USC, Magntidue 5.6 - North of Ascension Island

-04:35:00 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Philippine Islands Region


May 10

-19:11:22 USC, Magnitude 5.2 -Molucca Sea

-07:31:31 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia

-02:13:57 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Easter Island Region

-02:13:56 USC, Magnitude 5.9 - Easter Island Region

-00:28:23 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan


May 11

-20:34:27 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Izu Islands, Japan Region

-18:48:30 USC, Magnitude 5.4 - Cyprus Region

-18:37:27 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Kuril Islands

-12:41:31 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Assam, India

-10:18:13 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Gansu-Qinghai Border Region, China


May 12

-23:28:44 USC, Magnitude 5.7 - Tajikistan

-13:23:15 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Molucca Sea


May 13

-04:46:08 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Sulawesi, Indonesia

-04:42:49 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Macquarie Island Region

-01:19:10 USC, Magnitude 5.4 - South Indian Ocean


May 14

-10:12:36 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Southern Iran

-10:00:39 USC, Magnitude 6.2 - Tarapaca, Chile

-03:36:44 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Kyushu, Japan

-02:45:22 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Is., Alaska


May 15

-19:22:30 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - South of Tonga

-05:19:56 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - North Indian Ocean


No tsunami activity at this time.

Volcanic Activity

No volcanic activity at this time.

Tropical Storms

-East Pacific Ocean -Formed 5/14/12- Aletta - Tropical Storm - Winds: 74km/h - Wave: 3.66 m - Coure 140 o


Status of Worldwide Supervolcanoes

Lake Taupo - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Lake Toba - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Whakamaru - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Yellowstone Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Island park Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

La Girta Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Mount Tambora - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Baekdu Mountain - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Kikai Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Laacher See - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Aira Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Campi Flegrei - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Reporoa Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Mount Aso - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Long Valley Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Valles Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Santorini Volcano - VEI 7 - Status: Green




No drought updates at this time.



-5-13-2012 - Flash Flood - Kura River, Tbilisi, Georgia - Five dead and thirty injured after torrential rains caused the local river to burst its banks.






-5-9-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Quang Ngai, Vietnam - Twp more people from a central province have died from an unidentified skin disease in the past two days bringing the death toll to 21.


-5-10-2012 - Epidemic - Antananarivo, Madagascar - Seven dead and sixty others in need of hospitalisation due to a severe outbreak of malaria.


-5-11-2012 - Epidemic - Zamboanga, Philippines - Outbreak of dengue fever with at least 816 infected, and is declared an epidemic.


-5-12-2012 - Epidemic - Marchawar, Rupandehi, Nepal - A measels epidemic has killed three children with at least 38 more infected.


-5-12-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Neta, Myagdi District, Nepal - At least 200 people have been sickened by an unidentified disease in the last four days.


-5-12-2012 - Biological Hazard - Chile - More dead sea birds found along miles of beach in Chile.


-5-14-2012 - Epidemic - Elubo, Jomoro, Ghana - Two dead and thirty three more confirmed cases in a cholera outbreak now named an epidemic.


-5-15-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Cork, Ireland - Twenty five confirmed cases in the latest outbreak of measles in west cork.




Nuclear Events

-5-9-2012 - Nuclear Event - San Onofre Nuclear Plant, California - More than 1,300 tubes that carry radioactive water are so damaged that they will be taken out of service.


-5-15-2012 - Nuclear Event - Torness Power Station, Scotland - A nuclear reactor at Torness power station activated its safety system to close itself down.


-5-10-2012 - Terror Attack - Damascus, Syria - Forty dead and 170 injured after two large explosions in Damascus



May 9th

-15 mutilated bodies are found inside two abandoned SUV's in Mexico.

-A bomb explosdes in Daraa, Syria near a convey carrying several UN observers in the country.

-Missile strikes kill eight militants near the Al-Qaeda stronghold of Jaar in southern Yemen.

-A Honduras radio journalist is kidnapped days after another journalist is killed.


May 10th

-Two large explosions occur in the Syrian capital of Damascaus.

-An airstrike reported kills five Al-Qaeda militants in the southern Yemeni town of Jaar.

-The International Committee of the Red Cross suspends all humanitarian work in Pakistan after a worker was kidnapped and killed.

-As many as 400,000 public sector workers in the UK resolve to stage a 24-hour mass strike in protest against planned pension cuts.

-More than 30,000 police officers from across the UK protest against police reforms, budget cuts and pay cuts.

-In Greece, Evangelos Venizelos of the Pasok party makes a third effort to create a coalition government amid increasing political and economic turmoil in the country.

May 11th

-Death toll of the May 1- Damascus bombing reaches 55.

-In Mexico gunmen open fire on an El Manana newspaper office in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, shortly after drug-related massacres in the city.

-An American study reveals that North Koreans have an increasing level of informal access to foreign media, despite the intense censorship efforts of the North Korean governement.

-Security is tightned in Manila ahead of anti-China protests amid ongoing territorial dispute in the South China Sea.

-Chinese scientists use quantum teleportation to transpit photons over a distance of 97 kilometers (60 miles) - a world record for quantum teleporation.

May 12th

-At least eight more people killed in the ongoing violence in Syria, despite 145 UN ceasefire monitors.

-US resumes shipping armaments to Bahrain.

-11 suspected Al-Qaeda militants killed in two drone strikes in southeastern Yemen.

-Nigerian police claim to have captured a senior commander of the radical Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

-For NATO soldiers die in seperate incidents in southern Afghanistan.

-European commission states teh combined eurozone economy is likely to contract by .3% in 2012.

-Leading European Central bank policymakers state that crisis hit Greece may be able to abandon the euro without compromising the wider eurozone.

-China denies that its military has been placed on a war footing amid an ongoing dispute with the Philippines.

May 13th

-49 dismembered bodies are discovered by Mexican authorities on Mexican Federal Highway 40.

-Several people are killed in clashes in the Lebanese city of Tripoli.

-Arsala Rahmani, a key peace negotiator for the Afghan government is shot dead by assassins in Kabul, Afhghanistan.

-At least 15 militants are killed in a Yemeni Army offensive.

-The Ugandan army captures Caesar Achellam, a senior commander of the militant Lord's Resistance Army in the Central African Republic.


May 14th

-At least 30 people die in a battle between Syrian government forces and rebel fighters in the twon of Rastan.

-A fourth successive attempt by major Greek political parties to form a coalition government ends in failure. Another attempt is scheduled for May 15; if a coalition cannot be agreed, emergency elections must be held in June.


May 15th

-At least twenty civilians are killed in the Syrian city of Idlib after security forces open fire on a funeral procession.

-A series of airstrikes in southern Yemen kill 13 Al-Qaeda militants and five civilians.

-The combined economy of the 17 eurozone nations narrowly avoids a recession, largely due to relatively high economic growth in Germany. Overall growth was a zero in the first quarter of 2012.

-A free trade agreement between the US and Colombia takes effect.

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