Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly World Risk Report 5/30 - 6/5

         Today was the Transit of Venus. The time Venus will be visible to us on Earth, by crossing in front of the sun for over a hundred years. Did you guys see it? If you got any pictures of it, post them in the comments and share!

      The tomato genome has been sequenced. How much more genetically modified food will that bring about? Also scientists now say that super volcanoes can develop faster than previously expected.

      There is another case of bird flu in Hong Kong, plague in New Mexico and anthrax in Columbia. A heatwave is sweeping across India bringing record high temperatures and more deaths as the days pass. Flash floods are on the rise in many parts of the world including Canada, Australia, Cuba, Malaysia and India.

      This is your weekly world risk report. Look for the information you need to stay safe and survive and keep on prepping.


May 30th

-21:22:31 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Near the East Coast of Papua, Indonesia

-21:20:57 USC, Magnitude 5.4 - Eastern Kazakhstan

-06:57:06 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Banda Sea


May 31st

-23:01:01 USC, Magnitude 5.5 - Near the North Coast of Papua, Indonesia


June 1st

-12:32:23 USC, Magnitude 5.4 - Southern Xinjiang, China

-08:48:10 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Near the South Coast of Honshu, Japan

-06:56:20 USC, Magnitude 5.7 - Near the North COast of Papua, Indonesia

-05:07:02 USC, Magnitude 5.6 - Antactica


June 2nd

-07:52:53 USC, Magnitude 6.0 - Salta, Argentina


June 3rd

-21:00:58 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - South Sandwich Islands Region

-11:39:24 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Potosi, Boliva

-11:14:48 USC, Magnitude 5.5 - Mid-Indian Range


June 4th

-16:40:03 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Halmahera, Indonesia

-14:18:52 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Fiji Region

-11:18:15 USC, Magnitude 5.9 - Java, Indonesia

-03:15:25 USC, Magnitude 6.4 - South of Panama

-00:45:16 USC, Magnitude 6.2 - South of Panama

-00:15:43 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Southeast of th Loyalty Island


June 5th

-23:22:59 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Vanuatu

-19:31:35 USC, Magnitude 5.8 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-11:01:18 USC, Magnitude 5.6 - Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

-07:20:53 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Vanuatu

-00:35:26 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

-6-4-2012 - Pacific Ocean Region - South of Panama - Magnitude 6.6 - Depth 10 km

-6-4-2012 - Hawaii Region - South of Panama - Magnitude 6.6 - Depth 0km

Volcanic Activity
-5-31-2012 - 3:06 am - Province of Guanecaste, Costa Rica - Rincon de la Vieja Volcano - Volcano Activity

-5-31-2012 - 3:10 am - Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica - Poas Volcano - Volcano Activity

-5-31-2012 - 3:12 am - Province of Alajuela, Costa Rica - Turrialba Volcano - Volcano Activity

-6-5-2012 - 8:21 am - Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea - Manam Volcano - Volcano Activity


Tropical Storms
-Formed 6-2-2012 - Mawar - Pacific Ocean - Category: Typhoon I - Course 50 degrees - Wind Speed: 120 km/h - Gust 148 km/h - Waves: 6.10m

Status of Worldwide Supervolcanoes
Lake Taupo - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Lake Toba - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Whakamaru - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Yellowstone Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Island park Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

La Girta Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Mount Tambora - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Baekdu Mountain - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Kikai Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Laacher See - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Aira Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Campi Flegrei - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Reporoa Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Mount Aso - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Long Valley Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Valles Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Santorini Volcano - VEI 7 - Status: Green

-6-1-2012 - Heatwave - Andhra Pradesh, India - At least thirty eight dead in a heatwave that has been sweeping the province over the past few weeks.

-6-1-2012 - Heatwave - Himachal Pradesh, India - Temperatures soared to six to seven degrees celcius above normal, reaching temperatures of 45.2 degrees C (113 F).

-6-1-2012 - Heatwave - Jharkhand, India - Temperatures rose as high as 46 degrees C (115 F) in Garhwa.

-6-5-2012 - Heatwave - West Bengal, India - At least thirty two dead after three days with the average temperature hovering at 45 degrees celsius (113 F).

-5-30-2012 - Flash Flood - New Hampshire, USA - Heavy rainstorms have washed out and closed roads in southwestern New Hampsire.

-6-1-2012 - Flash Flood - Metro Manila, Philippines - Sudden rains on Metropolitan Manila brought on flash flood warnings.

6-1-2012 - Flash Flood - District of Butaleja, Eastern Region, Uganada - Homes and crops swept away in flash floods caused by rains uphill.

6-2-2012 - Flash Flood - Toronto, Canada - Severe flooding has forced the shut down of part of a subway line in Toronto.

-6-2-2012 - Flash Flood - Pulau Pinang, Malaysia - Torrential rains have caused damage adn traffic jams, affecting more than twenty two hundred residents.

-6-3-2012 - Flash Flood - Mayabeque, Cuba - Five hundred evacuated after torrential rains bring flash flooding.

-6-5-2012 - Flood - Assam, India - Over thirty villages have been inundated by flash floods following torrential rains.

-6-5-2012 - Flash Flood - Victoria, Australia - Thousands without power as damaging winds and flash floods force residents from their homes.

-6-1-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Uttarakhand, India - Dozens of forest fires are raging acorss Uttarakhand.

-6-4-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Sequoia National Forest, California, USA - Afternoon winds are being blamed for the doubling of a wildfire burning in a remote area of the Sequoi National Forest.

-6-5-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Northwest of Livermore, Colorado, USA - Fifty three homes and three businesses have been alerted for possible evacuations.

-5-30-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Majakaneng Region, South Africa - Three dead in a possible outbreak of meningitis.

5-30-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Department of La Guajira, Colombia - One person dead with skin lesionas and sixteen animals also dead in a anthrax outbreak.


-5-31-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Westmead, New South Wales, Australia - Sydney residents are warned to be on high alert for measels as three babies have come down with the potentially deadly disease.

-6-1-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - Public health officials say people who were in Mississauga's Credit Valley Hospital emergency department earlier in the month may have been exposed to measles.


-6-1-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Torrance County, New Mexico, USA - A 78 year old in New Mexico is the first case of plague in 2012.

-6-1-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Stowe, Pennsylvania, USA - A student at a local elementary school has been diagonised with chicken pox and other students may have come in contact with the virus.

-6-1-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Cork, Ireland - A measles outbreak in West Cork has affected 51 children now and at least two have been hospitalized.

-6-2-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Olokurto, Rift Valley Province, Kenya - A measles outbreak has killed three children in teh Olokurto division.

-6-2-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Hong Kong, China - Hong Kong hospitals are on alert after a two year old boy is confired to have contracted the AH5 strain of bird flu. Tests are underway to determine if it is the deadly H5N1 sub-strain of the virus.

-6-4-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - New South Wales, Australia - A new strain of flu (H3N2) from the northern hemisphere is likely to spread through Australia this winter.

-6-4-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Norfolk, Ontario, Canada - Outbreak precautions are in effect at the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home due to a respiratory-like illness.

-6-4-2012 - Epidemic - Governorate of Hodeida, Yemen - At least thirty dead and twelve hundred infected with dengue fever.

-6-5-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Bihar, India - Bihar health department has said that twenty children have died and 36 others are undergoing treatment for a "mysterious" disease in the past fortnight.

-5-30-2012 - Hazmat - Portland, Oregon, USA - Eleven people sent to the hospital after a chemical mix-up at a Darigold plant.

-6-1-2012 - Hazmat - Memphis, Tennessee, USA - Firefighters respond to a smoky blaze coming from the front of the Mid Continental Lab.

-6-4-2012 - Hazmat - Washington DC, USA - A possible hazardous chemical spill was found at the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering.

Nuclear Events
No nuclear events at this time.

-6-1-2012 - Explosion - Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA - One dead and two injured in an explosion at a fertilizer facility.

-6-5-2012 - Explosion - Silven, Obshtina Sliven, Bulgaria - All residents of the Bulgarian village of Gorno Alexandrovo have been urged to leave thier homes after an ammunition depot exploded near the city of Sliven in southeastern Bulgaria.


May 30th

-Several nations expel Syrian diplomats in response to the May 25 Houla massacre.

-Russia states that it is "categorically against" foreign intervention into the ongoing Syrian conflict.

-UN reports the deaths of 13 men in a mass execution in eastern Syria.

-Romeo Langlois, a freelance journalist who was abducted by FARC is released in southern Colombia.

-Following the successful sequencing of the tomato genome, scientists state that tastier and more pesticide-resistant tomato varieties can be enginnered for commercial use within five years.

-Scientists report that supervolcanoes can develop much faster than previously suspected erupting within just a few hundred years of their formation, instead of tens of thousands of years.


May 31st

-Bombings in Baghdad kill 14 people.

-A sucide bomber kills five policemen at a police headquarters in southern Afghan province of Kandahar.

-A German engineer taken hostage by gunmen in Kano, Nigeria, is killed by his captors during a failed recue operation by Nigerian forces.

-A nationwide strike against rising petrol prices closes shops and disrupts public transport in India.

-The 2012 Bilderberg Conference begins in Chantilly, Virginia.

-Egypt formally ends its 31 year state of emergency, which gave security forces broad powers to suppress civil unrest and detain dissenters.

-SpaceX's unmanned Dragon capsule successfully returns to Earth following its demo mission to the International Space Station.


June 1st

-UN Human Rights Council votes to condemn the massacre carried out by Syrian forces in teh town of Houla, despite Russia, China and Cuba voting against the resolution.

-An armed Palestinina inflitrator and an Israeli soldier are killed during an exchange of fire along the Gaza border and at least three militants are injured during an Israeli air strike on Gaza.

-World stock markets hit their lowest level in 2012.

-Venezuelan government outlaws the commercial sale of guns and ammunition.


June 2nd

-Clashes between supporters and opponents of the Syrian President kill at least 12 and injure more than 40 people in Tripoli.

-A drone attack conducted by the US kills two suspected militants outside their hideout in South Waziristan in northwest Pakistan.

-Four aid workers kidnapped by Taliban insurgents in the northern Afghan province of Badakhshan on May 22 are rescued by ISAF forces.


June 3rd

-Sporadic fighting continues in Tripoli bewteen supporters and opponents of the Syrian president.

-US dronke attack in Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal region kills at least 10 suspected militants.

-A suicide car bombing outside a chirch in the Nigerian city of Bauchi kills 15 and injures 42 others.

-Police in China crack down on political activists marking the 23rd anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.\06\04\story_4-6-2012_pg14_2

-Demonstrations take place in Turkey against proposed plan to limit the time for abortions.


June 4th

-Gunmen kill 11 at a rehabilitation clinic in the city of Torreon, Coahuila.

-US drone attack kills at least 15 suspected militants. High ranked al-Qaeda official Abu Yahya al-Libi was killed in the attack.

-A car bomb explodes near the Iraqi government offices in central Baghdad, killing at least 26 and injuringin 190.

-Vigilantes attack a bus and kill nine passengers in western Myanmar.

-A heavily armed militia takes over a runway at the Tripoli International Airport demanding the release of their leader who went missing.

-Japans S&P/TOPIX 150 reaches its lowest level since 1983 as global stock markets continue to fall.

-China blocks internet access to terms related to teh Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 on the 23rd anniversary of the protests.


June 5th

-Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of shooting dead five of its soldiers on teh border of the two countries, a day after three Armenians were killed.

-Amidst growing diplomatic tensions between Romania and Hungary, ignoring official request not to, the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament undergoes a visit in Transylvania triggering protests from Romanian state dignitaries.

-The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin begins a three-day visit to China.

-Voters in Wisconsin go to the polls for a recall election with the incumbent governor projected to win a close victory.

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