Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekly World Risk Report 6/20 - 6/26

          Tensions are heating up in the middle east, banks credit ratings have been downgraded as the Eurozone crisis continues, and the fourth named tropical storm of the year forms and makes landfall in the Gulf of Mexico.

      This is your weekly world risk report. Look for the information you need to stay safe and survive and keep on prepping.



June 20

-23:20:57 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Solomon Islands

-21:55:53 USC, Magnitude 5.4 - Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia

-09:59:04 USC, Magnitude 5.6 - Southern Sumatra, Indonesia


June 21

-23:52:57 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - South of the Kermadec Islands

-20:32:50 USC, Magntiude 5.4 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-11:40:35 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Halmahera, Indonesia


June 22

-07:58:43 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

-05:02:07 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - South of the Kermadec Islands

-04:31:17 USC, Magnitude 6.0 - Macquarie Island Region

-02:20:09 USC, Magntiude 5.7 - South of the Kermadec Islands


June 23

-21:27:29 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra

-18:37:19 USC, Magnitude 5.0 - Fiji Region

-07:43:48 USC, Magnitude 5.1 - Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Is., Alaska

-04:34:53 USC, Magnitude 5.9 - Northern Sumatra, Indonesia


June 24

-10:25:55 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Jujuy, Argentina

-07:59:35 USC Magnitude .5.5 - Sichuan-Yunnan Border Region, China

-03:15:03 USC, Magnitude 6.1 - Near the East Coast of Kamchatka, Russia


June 25

-03:09:06 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Kermadec Islands Region


June 26

-18:19:07 USC, Magnitude 5.3 - Guatemala

-14:17:41 USC, Magnitude 5.2 - Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia



No tsunami activity at this time.



Volcanic Activity

-6-20-2012 - 4:51 A.M. - Alaska, USA - Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands - Stratovolcano - Volcano Eruption


-6-25-2012 - 2:24 P.M. - El Hierro Island, Canary-Islands, (Unnamed) Underwater volcano - Shield Volcano - Volcano Activity



Tropical Storms

-Formed 6-24-2012 - -Gulf of Mexico - Tropical Storm - Debby - Course: 90 Degrees - Wind Speed: 65 km/h - Gust: 83 km/h - Wave: 2.44m


-Formed 6-26-2012 - Pacific Ocean - Tropical Depression - Doksuri - Course: 280 Degrees - Wind Speed: 56 km/h - Gust: 74 km/h - Wave 4.57m



Status of Worldwide Supervolcanoes

Lake Taupo - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Lake Toba - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Whakamaru - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Yellowstone Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Island park Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

La Girta Caldera - VEI 8 - Status: Green

Mount Tambora - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Baekdu Mountain - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Kikai Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Laacher See - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Aira Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Campi Flegrei - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Reporoa Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Mount Aso - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Long Valley Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Valles Caldera - VEI 7 - Status: Green

Santorini Volcano - VEI 7 - Status: Green







-6-25-2012 - Flood - Mission, British Columbia, Canada - Damage Level: Minor

-6-25-2012 - Flood - Ghor, Afghanistan - Damage Level: Minor

-6-26-2012 - Flash Flood - Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada - Damage Level: Extreme



-6-25-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA - Damage Level: Severe

-6-25-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Fort Collins area, Colorado, USA - Damage Level: Extreme

-6-26-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Pike National Forest, Colorado, USA - Damage Level: Extreme

-6-26-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Helena, Montana, USA - Damage Level: Minor

-6-25-2012 - Forest/Wildfire - Gila National Forest, New Mexico, USA - Damage Level: Extreme



-6-25-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Sirajganj District, Bangladesh - Damage Level: None

-6-26-2012 - Epidemic Hazard - Saginaw, Michigan, USA - Dmage Level: None




-6-25-2012 - CBRNE - Hazrat Imam Zada Yahya High School, Sar-e-Pul, Afghanistan - Damage Level: Severe



Nuclear Events

-6-26-2012 - Nuclear Event - Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant, Frenchtown Charter Township, Michigan USA - Damage Level: None



June 20

-A gunman is detained after seizing four hostages at a bank in the southern French city of Toulouse.

-Rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip are followed by Israeli airstrikes in respone, resulting in at least one death.

-Turkey's military confirms it has carried out strikes on Kurdish rebel targets inside Iraq.

-The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that at least 20 Syrian Army soldiers and five rebels are killed in heavy fight in near Latakia district.

-Tribal clashes in western Lybia lead to 105 dead and some 500 injured.

-The United States Congress suggests to extend its military presence in Kuwait.

-In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, outsted from power in last year's revolution, is reported to be in a coma and has been taken off life support.


June 21

The pilot of a Syrian MiG 21 fighter plant defects to Jordan after landing in a military air base in northern Jordan.

-Mexican marines detain Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar, the son of Joaquin Guzman Loera (El Chapo), Mexico's most wanted drug lord in the western state of Jalisco.

-The Uruguayan goverment announces plans to start selling marijuana in limited amounts to registered users.

-In Afghanistan, Taliban soliders invade a hotel in Kabul, kill guests, and hold some hostages.

-Moody's downgrades the credit rating of 15 major world banks. UK: Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and HSBC. US: Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan. Rest of the World: Credit Suisse, UBS, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Morgan Stanley.

-The US Dow Jones Industrial Average falls by 251 points on the back of weak economic data and pour news from the Eurozone.

-A boat carrying up to 200 asylum seekers capsizes north of Christmas Island, between Indonesia and Australia with 110 survivors rescued.

-President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo faces impeachment.


June 22

-The Syrian military shoots down a Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter jet after it had entered Syrian airspace over the Mediterranean Sea.

-Twenty six people believed to belong to the pro-government armbed group Shabiha are killed in northern Aleppo Governorate.

-Saudia Arabia announces it plans to pay salaries of the Free Syria Army, in an attempt to encourage more defections from Assad's forces.

-NATO-backed Afghan security forces end a 12-hour siege carried out by Taliban insurgents on the Spozhmai Hotel outside Kabul, killing all five insurgents.

-Anti-austerity protests spread through the Sudanese city of Khartoum, with security forces breaking them up.

-At least 14 killed and another 106 wounded in two successive bombings at a popular market on the northern outskirts of Baghdad.

-Thousands of students in rebel Islamist-controlled northern Mali leaves school after the imposition of Sharia law.


June 23

-Palestinian militants fire rockets from Gaza Strip into Isreal severely injuring an elder. Isreal launches a missile strike in return, killing two Palestinians.

-In a Mexican Drug War related crime, 14 mutilated corpses are found inside a truck outside of a Mexican supermarket

-In the Pakistani city of Quetta, armed people on motorcycles kill eight people, tarageting Shias.

-Tens of thousands of Ulster Bank customers continue to struggle to get access to their cash after days of problems.

-Greece's new coalition seeks to slow down austerity by proposing a two-year extension to the period allocated to it to meet bailout targets, without further cuts to salaries and pensions.

-Tropical Storm Debby forms in the Gulf of Mexico with a warning issued for the US State of Louisiana. This is the first time since 1851 that four storms have been formed before July.

-Hundreds of people demonstrate against next week's visit of Elizabeth II to Belfast.


June 24

-At least 16 Syrian soldiers are killed in clashes with rebels in Aleppo.

-Seven Pakistani soldiers are beheaded and four others remain missing after being seized by Taliban militants close to the Afghan border.

-Ousted President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo condemns the "coup against the citizenry and democracy" that ousted him from his office.

-Ulster Bank opens branches on a Sunday for the first time as the payments crisis affecting the bank continues unabated.

-Tropical Storm Debby continues to organize off the coast of Florida, lashing the state with high winds and heavy rains. The outer bands of the storm spawn two tornadoes, killing one person near Sarasota.

-Manitou Springs in Colorado is evacuated due to raging wildfire just three miles from the popular vacation town.

-NATO is to meet on Tuesday, based on a request from Turkey to consult them on what to do with Syria which shot down a Turkish jet after it had entered Syrian airspace.

-The US admits that it infected Iranian computers with Spyware.

-China successfully carries out its first manual docking of a spaceraft between the Shenzhou 9 capsule and Tiangong-1 station.

-Lonesome George, the last known Pinta Island Tortoise dies.


June 25

-At least 33Syrian army officers, including a general, defect to Turkey.

-Turkey's deputy prime minister, Bulent Arinc, states that Syrian forces opened fire on a second Turkish plane, a CASA search and resuce plane searching for the wreckage of an F-4 fighter jet earlier shot down by Syria.

-At least 40 people are injured due to a fire attack by protesters on a religious shrine in India.

-Alleged drug traffickers shoot and kill 3 policemen who were on an anti-narcotics operative inside the Mexico City International Airport. The assassins were wearing law enforcement uniforms, although the Mexican authorites said that the cartel members sometimes wear false uniforms.

-The chief of one of Britain's top intelligence agencies says that potential British terrorists are going to countries that have been made unsecure by the Arab Spring to get training from Al Qaeda.

-Tens of thousands of Ulster Bank customers will now be unable to access their money until at least the end of the week as the crisis worsens, with monthly salaries due to be paid this week.

-Greece's new finance minister Vassillis Rapanos resigns due to ill health.

-Cyprus says that it plans to ask its European partners for a loan of about 1.8 billion euros by the end of the week:; this would make Cyprus the fifth European country to seek help.

-Fernando Lugo, the deposed President of Paraguay, rallies allies at home and abroad, and creates parallel cabinet intent of returning to power.

-Vladimir Putin makes a rare trip Isreal and discusses Iran's nuclear program and the uprising in Syria.

-The US Supreme Court rules that Arizona's Immigration law is mostly unconstitutional, except for the part that allows for law enforcement officers, in the course of their dutites to ask about an illegal immigrant's legal status if they have actual reason to believe that the person is an immigrant and is here illegally, especially if they are of relevance to a case.

-The final steel steel beam of 4 World Trade Center is lifted into place in a ceremony.


June 26

-The government of Bahrain announces it will pay US 2.6 million dollars to relatives of 17 people who died in the revolt against the government.

-Armed men beat up and abducted Marcelo Avila Lopez, a candidate for the municipal presidency of Apaxtla, Guerrero and politician of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

-Turkey officially requests backing from NATO allies after a Turkish fighter jet is shot down by Syrian air defenses.

-Thousands of Muslim Rohingya people flee Burma following relgious clashes with Buddhists.

-Bhutan's four-century old Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, a ridge-top monastery, catches fire and is destroyed.

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