Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review: Deep Survival

      Recently as part of my prepping I have been looking for different books that I can add to my bookshelf. Mainly because in the event that SHTF, it is much more likely that my books will survive rather than my internet and all its resources. This has led me into the wonderful world of survival books, both fiction and non fiction.  As I read through these books I would like to give you all a review of what I think of these different books.  The first one I have for you is Deep Survival.

      One of the first that I came across and was able to purchase was Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. Now I knew when I picked it up that it wasn't an actual book that told you how to survive, or gave you tools and methods to learn how to survive. Rather it is a book that looks into what it takes to survive. It covers many different survival stories and the mentality that gets people into survival situations and then the mentality that gets them out.

      When I picked it up, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to read it or not. To be frank it sounded like it might even be kinda boring, but I did get and I did start reading it. It was fantastic.

      I flew through the pages of this book like I haven't done for a while. The book was engrossing and insightful.  Gonzales goes about relating stories of survival with a frankness that allows you to grasp the situations that people have found themselves in. However, also gives you a good idea of their mentality in their situations and why that mentality is perhaps one of the most important parts of survival.

      Deep survival may not give you any tools or physical skills to learn that will help you survive, but after reading it I feel that I have a better grasp on what would happen if I found myself in a survival situation. The book explains the mentality that you find yourself in when thrust into these kinds of situations, and the mentality that will help you survive or that could lead to your demise.

      It was a very good read and I would recommend it to anyone. I felt as though I learned something from it that I could use in a future situation if need be. Even if you don't think you'll learn anything from it though, I would still recommend reading it. For even if you don't glean anything useful from it, at the very least Deep Survival gives a beautiful indepth look into the harshness of survival and how easy it is to end up in those situations.

      It also gives us a look at the very searching I think all of us preppers and survivalists are looking for. That search to be an ultimate survivor. To be prepared for anything. A great read for anyone, I would definatly recommend it.


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