Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Five More Preps For Five Dollars

     So a while back on the Paracord Project we did a post called five preps for five dollars. For preppers on a budget these items are the best types of things to get, because you can still prep without breaking the bank. Now not everything can be obtaind for five dollars or less, but there are quite a few things that can be. As a result we bring you five more preps for five dollars.

1. Roll of Gauze

     Bandaids are all well and good, but if you have anything larger than a small cut, then you are going to need something bigger to cover it. In this case a roll of gauze is a very handy thing to have in a first aid kit. In fact, more than one is even better to have. At a price of maybe a dollar and a half for a roll, depending on where you shop, you can afford to get more than one. This way you can make sure that when SHTF you will have some supplies for your first aid kit.

2. Paracord

     Rope is an excellent survival tool and you can use it for an infinate number of uses. Paracord is very good for this because it is lightweight and yet still strong. Also, it is cheap, which makes it even better. For around three and half to four dollars you can get fifty feet of paracord. Want to make it a hundred feet? Just up your budget a few dollars. It may go over five dollars then, but when you really need it, it might be worth it.

3. Handwarmers

     When it gets cold outside these are something you definatly want to keep around, just in case. They are easy to find in regular stores during winter months. If you want to get a hold of them during summer months check out camping stores or get them online. For less than a dollar a peice you can stock up on a few as well.

4. Strike Firestarter

     Another great peice of survival equipment, these firestarters work well, and can help you start a fire in any condition. Most of these firestarters run somewhere around the five dollar mark and are an excellent addition to any camping or bug out gear.

5. A Case of Ramen

     It may not be the most nutritious or even the most tasty for some people but it cooks fast and at the end of the day it can be nice just to have something hot. So whether your camping, backpacking or surviving, ramen is always a good thing to have on hand, just in case.


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