Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doomsday Prepper Premiere

     So, as many of you know National Geographic has a new series, Doomsday Preppers. The first couple of episodes were aired today, and I gave it a watch.

     As a newer prepper, I am definatly addicted. Prepper culture is often something that is hard to find in action. Most of don't air our plans and make them fully availible like these families are, which in some aspects can make it hard to visualize for newer preppers, what exactly it is that we are working towards. As a result not only am I finding the show a great source of ideas but also a great way to try and get an idea of what I am trying to build.

     Another thing that is great is that the show doesn't just show these people prepping, but also explains why the are prepping and that I think is a great thing. There were reasons ranging from polar shifts, to earth quakes, to the end of oil. I know in my instance, I have a few specific scenarios that I deem the most likely reasons for there to be a SHTF scenario. The first is a second great depression, the second is a pandemic, and the third is war or terrorism. These are the three things that I think are the most likely large scenario possibilities. However I also want to prep for smaller disasters such as severe weather. Of course I'm not going to go into these scenarios now, but I will go into them in later posts.

     Another thing that was cool is that the preppers showed not only their preps and how they did it, but also gave a basic drill of what they would do to either bug in or bug out, and how it would go.

     The greatest part about the show though is that the prepper's different plans and preps were rated on the show, giving us the strengths and weaknesses, which also allowed the preppers to adjust their plans and preps and make them better. I think its a great idea that we can all use. We should all take a look at our plans like that to try and leave as few weaknesses as possible.

     So I will definatly continue watching the show. I find it interesting and full of good ideas, information and just in general a great way to look and see what it is that I am trying to get to. While I would never put my prepper plans out to the public like that, because I wouldn't want to deal with all the people that would come to me trying to survive when they hadn't prepped, I think that it is great to see the different plans, and ways of prepping. Overall I think it is a really fun and interesting show that I will continue watching in the future.

     Did you guys watch Doomsday Preppers? What do you think about the preppers in the show and their plans? Did you find it helpful or fun to watch? Did it inspire you to keep prepping like it did me? Leave me comments! I'd love to hear what you guys think.


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