Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Five Preps for Five Dollars or Less

     One of the biggest issues that I have found with being a new prepper, is that as you prep, you have to spend money to do it. Some things you have to weight the money against the potential usefulness of an item. Other things, like tents, you can justify the cost because you don't have to wait for SHTF before you can use it, instead you can go on a camping trip.

     Then you have those items out there that arn't really so expensive, and that helps makes things better. If you can put together smaller things to make larger things, you don't feel the impact as much of putting together your cashe of survival supplies.

     In the spirit of spending less to get more, I present to you all five preps for five dollars.

1) Five gallons of water.
     In many grocery stores you can find gallon jugs of water. In my experience whenever I have come across them, they alway cost somewhere in the ninty cents range. This means that you can buy five gallons of sealed, purified water, that is just sitting ready to be stored in your survival cache.

2) Soap
     A good hygeine product to have extra of, even if s*** doesn't hit the fan. I was able to find a ten pack of soap for four and half dollars at my local store. Look for your favorite soap brand, and see if you can find some value packs to get more bang for your buck.

3) Bic Lighters
     They're small and they're cheap. If it gets lost or broken it isn't a big deal because you can generally pick one up for somewhere around a dollar. Want to buy in bulk? You can do that too. You can find them in packs of two, four, or even six. Generally all of these options will still fall in our five dollar range.

4) Five Packages of Idahoan Mashed Potatoes
     One package of these potatoes is just a dollar so on a budget of five dollars that means you can still get a good bit of food to add to your prepper pantry. They come in a variety of flavors and to make them you just have to add water. They are a great option when you are trying to start stocking food.

5) A Bottle of Asprin
     There is a number of different medicines to have in a first aid kit and asprin is one of them. Don't think you can find a bottle of asprin for five dollars or under? Don't look for the brand names. Look for the store brand asprin instead. It's the same thing and it will be cheaper, meaning you can find a bottle of aspirin for five dollars or less.

     So there we are, five preps for five dollars or less. I love seeing cheap preps like these because they remind me that I don't have to spend tons of money trying to prep, and I can still reach my goals. Do any of you out there have five dollar preps? Post them in the comments. I'd love to here everyone's ideas.


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