Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Beginnings of a Bug Out Bag

     Well, one of my goals for this year is to create a workable bug out bag, that will help me out if SHTF. To be clear on exactly what I will be creating, I am going to define the parameters of what I beleive a bug out bag should be, and what I intend to create for my bug out bag.

     A BOB is a pack that helps you to survive for a short period of time. Sometimes these bags are also called a 72 hour bag, because the average stated time of use for these kinds of bags is three days. Now to me, three days is not a very long time, and I want my bug out bag to last longer than that, assuming that should something go wrong, I might have to survive longer than that.

     That being said, the purpose of a BOB is not to have a bag that carries absolutely everything I need for an infinate period of time. So, for example, there is not going to be three months worth of food inside. Not only does it not really fit the definition of a BOB, but it could also even hinder survival by weighing me down. So to be clear the BOB is going to be a short term survival pack, that allows for survival on a shorter, but indeterminate scale of time.

     Some other types of pack that I will be going into detail on in later posts would be an every day carry, a GHB (get home bag), a work kit, a go bag (for going from point a to point b, and has a determined time, route, and distance factored into the preperation of it), a car BOB, and an INCH bag (I'm never coming home). I will go into lists and examples of all of these in later posts here at the Paracord Project.

     So, the BOB will be a pack that enables survival for a short period of time. I am going to say that for me, this will be a week up to two weeks. I will decided exactly how long as I gather what I need for it and determine how much space I have, and how much weight I want.

     Now to survive there are basics that must be accounted for. Water, food, shelter, warmth. Without any one of these elements you can die very quickly. Lack of water means the possibility of dying of dehydration. Lack of food means a lack of energy and focus. These can both lead to being careless and stupid, which can lead to death. Lack of shelter and warmth can lead to death via exposure and hypothermia. Not a nice way to go, so also neccessary. These are the very basics that will be essential in the BOB. Things I also want to inlcude in the BOB will be items for fire, light, communication, first aid and hygiene.

     So that covers the basics of what I am starting to plan my BOB to be. Today I am just laying out the basics to you all of what it is that I want present in a BOB and making an outline. I will put together a complete list of what I intend to include in my BOB, and post that in another post here soon. In the meantime if anyone has their own BOB and items they would suggest for a BOB, please go ahead and post them in the comments. I would love to see and hear from you all.


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