Friday, January 27, 2012

BOB Food Storage

     So as part of my bug out bag and my survival supplies I will be needing food. Specifically food that is non perishable and will last a long time. Not only that, but I want to make sure that I am not collecting random food willie nillie. I want to have actual meals.

     Now, the easiest way to get actual meals for my food storage would be to just buy MRE's. They last practically forever, they have a full put together meal, and they are pretty compact. However, they are also expensive, and I don't have the money to spend on them, much as I would like them. So, instead, I have decided to make my own MRE's. As a result I have found myself researching backpacking food.

     Why backpacking food? Two reasons. Backpacking food at least for a long term hike, isn't going to have anything that needs refrigeration and therefore should in general be made from long lasting food that would work well in storage. Second the food combinations are more likely to be lightweight, because weight is a paticular concern of backpackers. You don't want to try and hike four hundred miles with a sixty pound pack.

      So I have started putting together a collection of different backpacking recipes. With the recipes, I have set a few guidelines. FIrst they should be able to be packed up into a fairly compact space. Second all the indients should be able to packed in the meal package. This way when the meal actually needs to be cooked you only have to add water. However before I create a couple dozon MRE's I am going to be actually trying out the recipes.

      I have broken down how I will try out the recipes into a couple of different parts. First I will get the ingredients together to actually make the recipe to see how it tastes. It doesn't matter how long it lasts if it tastes awful, because you arn't going to want to eat it anyway. The second part will be to take the precooking recipes (so before the water is added) and put the ingredients in the packages, and then leave them, to see how long they will last in storage.

      As I try out these different recipes I will be posting them up here to let you all know how they taste, and how to make them, and I will keep a periodic update of how long they are lasting as well. You guys can expect to start seeing recipes soon, mostly likely starting with hardtack!


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