Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goals and Doomsday 2012!

     Doomsday 2012 is one of the reasons why I am starting the Paracord Project now. Before you all start thinking that I am one of those crackpots that beleives in every theory that comes my way, let me start out by saying that I do not beleive in 2012, and all those world ending theories from the earth falling into nothing (2012 movie trailer) to Planet X crashing into us. However, just in case, I plan to be prepared.

     Now there are some very good reasons for not beleiving that 2012 will be the end of the world. The main one however is very simple. The entire idea behind this doomsday scenario is that it is going to come about because that is when the Mayan calender ends.

     For those that have never seen the Mayan calender before, the picture up above is it. If you take a quick look at it, you may realize the issue that I have with this idea. Can you see it?

     Yup, that's it. It's a circle.

     Circles don't end.

     This is the main reason I don't beleive the world is going to end. There are many more, which you can all research if you would like, but that is the main reason I have.

     However, there is an end of the world prophecy, and much a I like to mock it, and yell about circles, I am still a survivalist. The result being, that no matter how much I mock and make fun of this 2012 end of the world idea, I am still going to be prepared for it. Just in case.

     As a result I am laying out a basic plan that I am going to try and have in place in time for December 23rd, 2012, just in case all my mocking goes to waste and the world really does decide to end. Presuming it doesn't end in someway that there is no hope to survive, I will be prepared.

     My plan is to have a fully functional bug out bag ready, to have a small to modest size stock of non perishable food and water, and to have a bug out vehicle kit ready. I also have goals to meet in the much more likely event that the world does not end. These goals are more based on the idea of becoming more self sufficent and sustainable.

     Having recently finished college, I have the school loans to go with it. Loans of about 60,000 dollars. Yah, doesn't that suck. Welcome to the real world, where despite what everyone tells you, it may not actually be a good idea to go to college. I am currently in the process of paying these loans off. Getting rid of them will put me one step closer to being self sustainable.

     With these loans I have four groups of them, and currently I am putting my focus on one of these loan groups, with the goal and intention of paying it off by the end of 2012. I have just under 5k to go on this loan set, and it would be great to get rid of it completely.

     Now I also have a second goal for the year. To grow a pot of food. Now this may sounds like a fairly simple goal. You haven't met me. So far I have only met two plants in my life that I have been able to keep alive. One is a cactus that sits in my bathroom, and is watered by the steam from my shower. It is a very happy cactus and doing pretty well.

     The other is a water plant, and the only reason it has survived up to this point is because it sits in a full vase of water, and doesn't need to be watered every other day. Also because visitors to my bathroom tend to water when they see that it is drooping again, as a result of a completely dried out vase.

     I have a black thumb. However it doesn't stop me from being optimistic and so my last goal for the year is to grow a pot of food. If there is enough of it, I will also try one or more preservation techniques (canning or drying or something) to try and preserve the food.

     So there are my intial goals which will be documented along with the discovery of more and more information here on the Paracord Project. I will keep the goals updated as they progress (or don't progress). In the upcoming months, you can also expect everything from articles to videos as I delve deeper into all aspects of survival and sustainable living.

     Also I would love to hear from all of you in the comments section or to my email, and if anyone wants to share any articles resources, or even write something for the blog I would love to see these things and learn about what all of you out there are doing too!


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